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Welfare incentives for the new generation
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Nowadays, many companies are looking for talented people to work with and are facing problems in this regard. Because the new generation don't just want "Salary again" Welfare and freedom are what the new generation wants. It is not unusual for us to see a direct selling business. occur as a mushroom because they know that the weakness of the new generation is the pursuit of freedom and good welfare, so nowadays many companies should be more aware About the management of the new generation of workers grant him freedom and good welfare which can be adjusted to meet the new era as follows

Salary is not straight as a ruler
            Salary should be flexible, do more, do more, do less, get less, do more, do better, be able to motivate. Let people working in all careers focus on working to their full potential. new era company It should begin with an employment contract or with additional optional terms. taking into account the benefits of the organization Whether you choose your own working hours Choose your own place of work choose salary choose welfare There is a date line to send work. according to the suitability of the workpiece

Choose your own path to success
          From growing up step by step, step by step, but the new generation doesn't want that anymore. should allow him to choose to work on his own Many people want to work that does not match the field of study. Because when I was studying, I didn't know what to do with my studies, but when I graduated, there were things I liked more than the fields I had studied. but was blocked because the end is not straight Organizations should not define job specifications. if that position It is not a job title that requires a specific profession. Let some people who want to work, love and have skills, come and work in that job. For example, some people graduated as mechanics but like to take pictures. Some graduated teachers but had good programming skills. You might miss the great people lurking in these caves.

Choose an organization relationship
          Young people want freedom of thought. Should let him choose his own relationship that he wants to work as a full-time, temporary employee according to the job under the conditions of the main company is "performance" that is worthwhile. He should be able to choose his own style. In order to prevent the resignation of talent, to prevent the cost of labor of the organization is too high to be true.

Welfare promotes employees' abilities.
          Whether it is developing various skills that enhance their knowledge and skills, such as advertising shooting courses, marketing courses, or letting employees use IT equipment. to update technology knowledge for better performance

health welfare
          In addition to the welfare of the state that should be There should be various insurances for health, accidents, savings, funds to promote both physical and mental health. And should bring a psychologist and psychiatrist to give advice on both work and personal matters. will make the company look attractive and employees feel good about that organization as well

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